Seasonal Wardrobe Updates: A Timeline

annual updates

Building the perfect wardrobe is not something you can check off your to-do list; it is a process that requires continual inspiration, maintenance and little tweaks every now and then. Seasonal turnovers are the ideal time to reasses your wardrobe, get it ready for the upcoming season and update your capsule wardrobe. Fortunately, the fashion season runs months ahead of the weather season, leaving us plenty of time to get inspired and develop an idea of our look. Today I’ll share with you my timeline for preparing my wardrobe for a new season, dealing with replacements and repairs, detoxing and updating my capsule wardrobe.

I recommend doing four regular updates per year: Two seasonal overhauls at the beginning of the scientific spring/summer and autumn/winter seasons in March and September and two mini updates in November and May/June to adjust your wardrobe to more extreme temperatures. The scientific seasons coincide well with the major annual temperature changes here in Europe, but feel free to adjust the timeline according to your local climate.

Seasonal overhauls

Seasonal overhauls should ideally be done just before the two biggest breaking points of the year: after summer, during ‘back to school’ time, to prepare for the autumn/winter season, and after winter, to get your wardrobe ready for the spring and summer months. As part of a seasonal overhaul, I also like to do a big closet detox and develop a new/updated capsule wardrobe by taking into account old favourites and any inspiration I have collected over the year. It usually takes me about an afternoon to complete the detox, create a concept and write a working wardrobe list which includes all the items I need to replace, repair and buy. I then aim to work through that list within the next couple of weeks. I have already written an in-depth post about the seasonal overhaul (read it here); these are the basic steps:

  1. Wardrobe detox
  2. Gather inspiration and identify themes
  3. Create a new capsule wardrobe and write a working wardrobe list with to-buys, repairs and replacements
  4. Store away off-season clothes and rearrange closet

Mini Updates

The aim of a mini update is not to completely redo the capsule wardrobe you created at the beginning of the season, but rather to adjust it to the more extreme temperatures in summer and winter, by adding a few items and rearranging your closet. Mini updates take about an hour to plan; and one or two shopping trips to implement. I just missed the opportunity to write about my own winter update in November, but I promise I will show you my full process in May or July. This is my general method:


1. Check stock/ plan new additions according to style concept:

  • Winter coat
  • Gloves, hats and scarves
  • Winter boots
  • Super chunky knits
  • Layers (thin longsleeves and leggings)

2. Rearrange closet:

  • Shuffle back fall jackets, thin knits and sneakers
  • Shuffle forward chunky knits, layers and other winter essentials


1. Check stock/ plan new additions according to style concept:

  • Swimwear
  • Summery footwear (sandals, flip flops, plimsolls, etc)
  • Summer basics (shorts, tops, skirts)

2. Rearrange closet:

  • Shuffle forward summery tops, skirts, shorts and other items that were previously used as layers
  • Shuffle back warmer items like boots, jackets and longsleeve tops

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  1. Vi

    Your recent posts about building a capsule wardrobe has definitely inspired me to attempt to create my own. Do you have any tips for building a capsule wardrobe with a thrifty, quirky style? I know I need to have more self control when I go thrifting because I often buy things I like but have nothing to wear with.

  2. Simona

    just another comment… I read your post about Matte pastels ( ) and I must absolutely say that you are a genius! I have some pastel color but I never wear them because I find that they don’t fit with my skin colour, but with matte top coat they are wonderful! tank you :)
    (I hope that my English is intelligible, but I’m not sure)

  3. Simona

    I discovered your blog some days ago, I’m planning to read all posts! I find your ideas very interesting and useful, thank you for write them. Also I like your photos.
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Zara

    Oh my god I will definitely try your approach! I already update my wardrobe just after summer and winter but in a much less organised manner. Your method is genious!

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