My Jewellery Uniform

Delicate Jewellery

Although I might add a statement bracelet or ring from time to time, I generally wear the same few pieces of jewellery every single day: a necklace with a meaningful pendant, a thin ring and two studs per earlobe. Oh, and my nose ring of course :) In fact, I hardly ever take these off, not even at night.

Do you have a jewellery uniform? Tell me in the comments!

Delicate Jewellery
White jewellery box from Habitat

Silver Studs
Silver studs (from a tiny jewellery stand at Camden market)

Delicate Rose Gold RingDelicate 1mm rose gold ring by GLAMROCKSdesigns on Etsy

Rose Gold Necklace
Rose gold necklace with a horseshoe pendant by Orelia

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  1. Joy

    the ring is so so beautiful! incredibly gorgeous. i think it makes so much sense to make this a uniform too. im really thinking about getting some 1mm rings now. it strikes that fine balance between feminine and delicate but also cool and clean. just perfect.

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  3. stephaniemormston

    On a day to day basis, i generally wear the same three rings (two stacked), necklace, nose ring (a petite stud) and earrings (my ears are double pierced). I feel like once i change one, i have to change them all!

  4. I tend to either wear no baubles at all, or a large face watch with tons of bracelets and a single gold ear cuff on one ear. If I’m “dressing up” I go much more simple; with either a pair of earrings or a necklace, but not both!

  5. I love those little ear studs!
    I totally get what you mean – I have a uniform too – two studs in right ear, one in the left. A meaningful necklace. Sometimes a ring. I also have a little “wish” bracelet, permanently tied to my wrist!
    The nose ring looks great on you, it’s one of those things I’ve thought about but have never done! =]

  6. L

    I do the same thing. I wear no rings (waiting until I have a special one to wear), I wear my silver Tiffany key necklace on a long silver chain that was actually given to me by my grandmother for my Confirmation (mind you I switched out the cross), silver Swarovski starfish studs in my ears, my rose gold Fossil watch (graduation gift) and my silver Pandora charm bracelet (both on my left wrist). It seems like a lot of jewelry but every piece was a gift and make me feel polished and classic.

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