My Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

The autumn/winter season is slowly coming to an end so I thought I’d use my current winter wardrobe to show you a finished product of the method outlined in my Building a Capsule Wardrobe 101 post, before it’s too late and I’m all wrapped up in spring/summer plans. I usually create a new capsule wardrobe and style concept at the beginning of the two major annual seasons, in September and March, so when the temperatures dropped (around November) all I did was supplement my fall capsule wardrobe with a few chunky knits, layers and a winter coat. I have always preferred a small wardrobe, but this season in particular I managed to strip down my collection and really only work with a few core items. First, a quick visual summary of my winter look, favourite pieces and outfits:

Winter Capsule WardrobeWinter Capsule WardrobeWinter Capsule WardrobeWinter Capsule Wardrobe
My overall style concept has remained relatively stable in the past year or two: I favour a layer-less look, a simple silhouette and a neutral colour scheme with a few accent colours. Check out my fall/winter mood board here.

Colour scheme
Neutrals: White, black and cool greys.
Colours: Navy, burgundy, light blue and red.

Uniform and main proportions
My uniform for this winter season was a slim-fitting pair of jeans, a chunky knit jumper and ankle boots. When the weather wasn’t too cold I sometimes also layered a couple of longsleeves or wore a skirt (over at least two pairs of tights). Click here to see all of my past outfits posts.

Favourite pieces
– My icy blue knit jumper from Zara. It’s super chunky, ridiculously warm and I love the colour.
– Any of my boyfriend’s wool sweaters :)

Winter essentials
I am in love with the whole Heat-tech line from Uniqlo. Their longsleves and winter tights are super thin, heat-insulating and perfect for layering. I wore one of their longsleeves underneath my knits pretty much every day.

I’m not really into heavy accessorizing, but I do like wearing a few pieces of delicate jewellery in gold, silver or rose gold. My go-to jewellery uniform consists of a thin necklace with a small pendant, one or two rings and either two tiny studs in each ear or small hoop earrings. I also count nail polish as an accessory: Click here to see my winter favourites.

Room for improvement
I didn’t follow my own rule of owning at least two versions of everyday essentials and wore the same winter coat and day bag throughout the whole season. Now they are pretty worn out, and probably won’t last for as long as I had planned. Next year, I will invest in at least two coats for cold weather and I will also make room for a second day bag in my spring wardrobe additions budget.

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  1. you really have a nice blog here, i love your style but mainly because it resembles mine :p … anyway keep up the good work i will follow your blog to inspire me what to wear

  2. Lovely post :) I love layering as much as the next girl, but it is nice to see someone who breaks away from the layering trends of winter for a sleeker look. Oh, and that nose ring of yours is to die for! So fierce. Look forward to reading more!

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