DIY: Double Ring Bracelet

My very first DIY post on this blog was a ring bracelet tutorial that I posted nearly a year ago and, yes, ring bracelets are still my favourite jewellery pieces to make and wear. I like them so much because, although they have become more popular this year and a few high street retailers carry them, I don’t see too many people wearing them. No matter how delicate and subtle the chain is, a ring bracelet is always an eye-catcher.
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What you need:
– silver chain
– one lobster clasp
– four jump rings
– pliers and a wire cutter (or strong scissors)

The pic below shows the basic design of the bracelet. Cut the chain into five segments. I use the following measurements (I have relatively medium-sized hands I think):

– ring part: 9cm
– ring-wrist extension: 4.5cm
– wrist part: 17cm
– 2x side parts: 1x 10.5cm and 1x 10cm (the segment on the side with the lobster clasp should be slightly shorter to make sure the bracelet sits in the centre of the wrist)

Connect the segments using the jump rings and pliers. To close the bracelet, connect the lobster clasp to the jump ring on the lower left (see the bottom pic).

Getting the fit right is crucial for this design, so start off with slightly bigger measurements and adjust until you can comfortably move your hand but the bracelet doesn’t slip off your finger.

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  1. I love how simple this is to do! I remember once having a necklace with two separate lockets of a heart and key and I somehow managed to cut the end of another necklace to make a ring which has the key on it. The heart remained on my necklace and whoever wanted to open my heart would have to steal the key-ring! Haha! That is, unfortunately, as crafty as I can get! So with that said, I was wondering if you could add charms to that ring bracelet or even a way to make little charms to pop on cute little bracelets? I love reading your DIY posts, keep it up :) xo

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